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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Atelier26 specializes in contemporary literature in elegantly designed trade editions.

As of 16 June 2018, new submissions are closed for an indefinite period, while we read submissions already received. We will reopen submissions as soon as we're caught up. Please check back in the next month or two.

Atelier26  functions on limited resources and publishes 0-3 titles per year. We  are delighted that the volume of submissions we receive has increased significantly in recent times, and we look forward to those exciting discoveries that we’re confident await us amid the incoming  work. Because we believe strongly in the value and potential of what others crassly  call “slush,” and because we are loath to close our transom completely, we’ve decided to  institute a nominal Open Transom Sustainability Fee. We understand the  implications of this move for writers (we pay submission fees ourselves), and so we  offer the choice of ordering a copy of any one of our titles at a standing submitter's discount of 20% off as an alternative to the flat fee.

If you choose to order a book, simply visit the Atelier26 webstore, select your desired title, and on the checkout page enter discount code: SUBMITTED. You may then send your submission using the "I Bought an A26 Title" field for your genre below. 


Be assured that in sending us your work and remitting the fee or ordering our titles you are contributing materially to the greater literary community and helping to make Atelier26 a more sustainable enterprise –- so that we can afford to continue looking out for promising work via submissions, and continue to bring to press idiosyncratic, affecting books that linger long in the mind and enrich the literary culture. Many thanks for your interest, for sharing your voice, and for supporting us in our mission.
What we're looking for:
Literary work only, please. Please send us work that displays a sensitivity to the nuance, power, and infinite potential of language; writing that demonstrates on every page the author's awareness of good craft while being unafraid to depart from the conventions of the classroom and the status quo of the publishing industry; writing that glimmers and surprises at both the level of its lines and in its larger vision. We look for work that will inspire multiple re-readings and generate conversation, and we long for imagery that is unforgettable in its expression, juxtapositions, and collisions. Immigrants to the U.S., and those writing here from all cultural backgrounds are encouraged to share their work.

*Please note that we are currently averaging a 9- to 11-month response time on submissions. If you do not hear from us within this window, please feel free to inquire about the status of your submission via email at:

Atelier26 Books